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My sister has just sent me pictures of the delicious gourmet goodies she has been making with the cranberries she grows on their cranberry farm in Greymouth.

You can find the recipes for these and lots more cranberry yummies on her website.  Her farm is front page news  in the June issue of Lifestyle Block magazine!

New Zealand Cranberrys (Chilean Guava) & Crabapples ready for the pot

I harvested my own New Zealand cranberries recently.  They are quite different from the ‘real’ cranberries my sister grows. In fact, even though I regularly see my variety sold as cranberries in nurseries, they are actually a guava (correct name is myrtus ugni) and grow in a totally different way to the ‘real’ cranberries.. which I havent had much success with here in Nelson.

Anyway, I mixed my NZ Cranberries with crabapples and made a  jelly that hubby loves even more than my grape jelly.
Jellies seem to have been my ‘thing’ this season ;-)

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