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About Me

Hi. My name is Jeanette

I live on 3 acres in Nelson with hubby & our two young boys. I was raised a “townie” but my parents had the good old kiwi 1/4 acre & dad was a keen gardener, growing our veges & some fruit. He taught me how to plant things & make compost.  Since then I think I’ve grown into a modern domestic goddess.. & maybe a recycle queen.
I’ve started this blog to share my crafts, my garden,  my baking & preserving, my love of chooks, pretty linens & fine china as well as the adventures with our animals & orchard.
We’re definitely not hippies but we live a fairly frugal life in our 50’s house & we admire the ways & treasures of that era. We recycle a lot, grow our own vegetables & fruit, eat the occasional animal  & we try to instill old fashion ideals in our boys.

We have a donkey, a miniature horse, 9 sheep, 4 goats, 2 dogs, a cat & more chooks than I can count. After trying lots of breeds I’ve settled on my favourites .. Pekin bantams, Silkies, Orpingtons & the pretty Silver Laced Wyandottes.

We are very grateful to the people who have helped us learn along the way & we would love to help you if you are just starting out with lifestyle animals or vegetable growing.

Contact us if you have any questions & please come back regularly to see what’s happening at our place.

8 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Hazel says:

    Hi Jeannette – just had a look at the blog and the baby goats are adorable. I envy your wee patch of heaven and all your chooks and animals. I am back in Scotland now and have had to downsize to ducks and chooks. Im still a huge fan of pekins and silkies and love breeding them over here! I currently have 20 pekin chicks in the brooder and various ducklings. Give Lulu and babies a hug for me! Hazel x

  2. Rachel says:

    Hi Jeanette,

    Looked on google today for a lolly kebab pic so I could find inspiration for my daughter’s brownie bake sale tomorrow and your one popped up. Looks great with the curly marshmallows so will make these for the girls. Cheers from rainy Hamilton :)

  3. Ann Williams says:

    I have just looked up a crabapple jelly recipe and came across your site. I notice there has not been any movement for a while so you may not still be working with it. I think you look as lovely as you sound and what a homely existence you are creating for your two boys.
    Do you grow ‘old roses’ on your property? If not you should as they would blend in so well with everything else!
    Keep up the good work

  4. Scott says:

    Never give up on your blog. This is your diary. One day your boys will be interested in this – your life!!

  5. stoney acres says:

    Hi Ali :)
    Yep. Its me!
    Thanks for leaving a comment. I had given up on the blog.. Was thinking no one read it anyway & that I was just talking to myself.
    Good luck with the silkies.

  6. Ali says:

    Hellooo, fancy finding you on here! How did you do this? I googled silkies and then immediatley spotted stoneyacres name and through to myself I know hwo that is haha! Good to see you :- ) If oyu know anyone who wants coloured Silkies PLEASE point them in my direction!! Ali

  7. stoney acres says:

    No we are not a commercial orchard Barbara & I dont know anyone else that grows plumcots. Our Plumcots are not yellow… more of a plum colour with an apricot texture & they finished a wee while ago. You may have bought Coes Golden Drop which is yellow & is just ripening in our orchard. They are also lovely plums. You will find plenty of online information about both varieties by doing a Google search :)

  8. Barbara Faulls says:

    I bought some plums from outside the Nelson I-Site today and remembered seeing something “Stoney” in the name of where they came from. Not sure if they came from your orchard as your site popped up when I googled Stoney. Anyway, I bought these large yellowy apricoty plums and I notice that you grow something called a “Plumcot” Are you able to give me any info about them? Can you tell me who stocks them? Many thanks for your help.
    Kind Regards,

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