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Monthly Archive for July, 2011

Planting By The Moon

This season I’ve decided I’m going to follow the moon calendar with my plantings & see how it works out.  I started on July 20 by planting some root vegetables.. swedes and carrots.  I have got handy hubby on the job of making me a plastic covered cloche to keep them warm… and.. to keep […]

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I thought you might find it interesting how we make compost here.  Hubby is a gardener so he ‘brings home his work’.  We have a tractor mounted chipper & every weekend he shreds the weeks work.  Any that is guaranteed non-poisonous is used as animal bedding.. in shelters & chook houses.  Later of course that […]

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Yay Frost!

ok.. I guess its a little weird to be excited about a frost and I have been loving the long autumn with the warm days, but I am really pleased that we are having frosts this week because I know its killing some bugs that we dont want overwintering.  Plus.. its makes for some really […]

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