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Yay Frost!

ok.. I guess its a little weird to be excited about a frost and I have been loving the long autumn with the warm days, but I am really pleased that we are having frosts this week because I know its killing some bugs that we dont want overwintering.  Plus.. its makes for some really pretty pictures I can share with you!

2 Responses to “Yay Frost!”

  1. stoney acres says:

    Thank you Olya. Hubby made the cloche pipes by putting plain reinforcing iron (about 10mm) into hose pipe. Does that help? The iron was expensive but the beds would be quite useless without it & hopefully the pipe will last a very long time.
    We ran out of pipe for one bed so we ending up putting two saw horses in it & draping the net over them.. worked well but not so pretty ;)

  2. Olya says:

    Hi Jeanette,
    It’s a beautiful farmlet you have :)
    Could youplease advice where did you buy your pipes for the cloche on the raised bed? http://stoneyacres.blogtown.co.nz/page/2/
    I’m in the process of making beds and could really use the bird netting over my veggies to protect them from birds.
    Thanks a lot,

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