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Today I have a some loaves to share with you… 

The most devine was this Chocolate Banana loaf with frozen raspberries:

Pre Mixing

Chocolate Banana & Raspberry Loaf

Will DEFINITELY do that again.  The recipe is here & I added about half a cup of frozen (unthawed) raspberries.

My Chilean Guavas (aka New Zealand Cranberry) are ripe :

Standardised Chilean Guava

Chilean Guava fruit

so I decided to try the same recipe with half a cup of fresh guavas instead of raspberries.  Interesting taste.  Not to my boys, or my, liking.  Wont do that again.  The rest of my little guavas will go into a chutney I think.

Then there is our Mandarins.  It has been the best year for them. We picked a bucket full of lovely large fruit so I had to try a Chocolate Orange Loaf (using mandarins instead of oranges of course)


Chocolate Mandarin Loaf

I’m not going to share the recipe I used because I don’t think it was that great.  This one looks good tho & the icing drizzle I made up was 2 tablespoons of mandarin juice mixed with 1/2 cup of icing sugar.

Am I the only one who is confused about the difference between cakes & loaves?  Is it really just the shape of the tin?

I have discovered the secret to a great loaf with a smooth top.. its my new Panasonic Convection oven.  Now I REALLY loved my Whirlpool, which had a great space at the top for my Happy Hen collection:

but sadly it gave out on me after 3 short years. So here’s the replacement; which doesnt allow for my larger hens.. what am I to do with them now??

Panasonic Convection Oven

 It came with virtually no instructions & there’s nothing on line so while it appears to do all sorts of marvellous things, I sure cant figure out how to use them!  The fan oven, however, does a supreme job of evenly cooking loaves.. no more volcanic action with the big crack down the middle :)




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