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I am delighted to report that the owl bird scarers are working wonderfully well on the apple trees in our orchard.  Flocks of birds had been descending on our fruit but as soon as we hung these holographic birds up they disappeared.. well.. they disappeared to other trees that didnt have scarers in them.  Must find more scarers!  From memory, I got them from an Innovations catalog.  I would say these are the most effective things we have tried; better than the Big Eye ball or hanging CDs & flapping plastic bags in the trees.  Time will tell if it lasts.

2 Responses to “Bird Scarer Success”

  1. stoney acres says:

    Thanks for the link Ali. Yes I have seen them in the Homecare catalog.. which is the same as Innovations I believe.. & its left in our letterbox from time to time by local distributors.

    An update to this article is that the owls delaminated during their second season, with all their reflective cover coming off. I plan to see if I can cover them with some reflective book covering for next year.

  2. Ali says:

    Hi there – I googled crab apple jelly and read your blog – thank you for the recipe. I found your owl scarers are available at homecare direct shopping here http://apps.homecare.com.au/ShoppingNZ/ASPX/Product_Detail.aspx?prodcode=GB18 I am going to try some on your recommendation for in my plum trees.

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