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New Garden Cloche

You may recall I posted recently about my dear little bantams ‘helping” me in the garden.  Well, they can be quite useful for keeping bugs away & scratching out a few weeds but they were actually decimating the vegetables; eating all the silverbeet & even the carrot tops & parsley!  So I got handy hubby on the job & he built me this wonderful cloche to completely enclose one of our raised beds.  It is so toasty & warm under there, even after frosts.  The covered swede seeds popped up quickly when I havent seen the uncloched carrots emerge yet (yes they are covered but just with netting).  I planted more carrots under the cloche last week, as per the moon calendar for root crops.  We’ll see how they do in comparison.  As usual this cloche was built with recycled materials.  

If you are a local & would like a cloche for your garden hubby could rustle you one up too!

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  2. HollyG says:

    I don’t suppose we could consider Beavercreek, Oregon local could we? The cloche is great, our chicken did the same thing last spring.

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