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This season I’ve decided I’m going to follow the moon calendar with my plantings & see how it works out.  I started on July 20 by planting some root vegetables.. swedes and carrots.  I have got handy hubby on the job of making me a plastic covered cloche to keep them warm… and.. to keep my dear wee bantams off!  I thought it was lovely gardening with them scratching around my feet but as soon as my back was turned the little sweeties were up on the raised bed & scratching up my newly sown row.  I quickly made a make-shift netting cover as you can see in the picture but since that photo was taken the chooks have completely decimated the lettuce & beetroot. I pulled it all out yesterday.. the goats benefited & now have pink, beetroot stained noses.

Swedes Planted & Covered!

In case you were wondering about the goats, I haven’t had a buck in this year.  After the summer drought our paddocks havent really recovered and we just dont have enough grass to feed more mouths.  I’m reeeaaallly hoping that lovely Lulu will come into milk again without giving birth.. just as she did last year.  Kinda defeats the purpose of having milking goats otherwise doesn’t it?  

Here’s a picture of my banties after they moved on to the calendula patch.  I actually planted swede and parsnip seed there in autumn but without any success and the calendulas took over. Which is fine. They are an eye pleasing, bright addition in winter plus I use the petals to make calendula oil for my hand and healing creams (that will be another post one day).  The petals are lovely in a salad too!

Pekin Bantams Foraging in the Vege Garden

Back to the moon calendar.. I will be planting peas and broad beans this week.. 3-11 August apparently.  I also want to get some early potatoes into the tunnel house.  Dad tells me it is Spud Monday tomorrow.  I saved some potatoes from last season and they have sprouted happily in the shed so will be ready to go in.

I’d better go and make the most of this gorgeous sunny day and get my soil prepared.




3 Responses to “Planting By The Moon”

  1. HollyG says:

    You’ve inspired me to try this too. I found a gardeners’ almanac from a local gardner named Ed Hume. We’re going to plant lettuce, chard, spinach and some winter veggies this week.

  2. stoney acres says:

    Hi Holly.
    Im just following the advice in magazines.. Lifestyle Farmer & NZ Gardener. Do let me know if you find any good advice on the internet tho wont you?

    I just had a wee look at your blog. You have been busy, & your cheese looks so much better than mine did :)

  3. HollyG says:

    I was looking for some resources on using the lunar calendar for gardening, may I ask if you could recommend any good books or resources?

    Thanks for the help,

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