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I thought you might find it interesting how we make compost here.

 Hubby is a gardener so he ‘brings home his work’.  We have a tractor mounted chipper & every weekend he shreds the weeks work.  Any that is guaranteed non-poisonous is used as animal bedding.. in shelters & chook houses.  Later of course that is cleaned out with the ‘animal matter’ and used in the garden.  The real woody chips are used to line our paths through the chook area & orchard.. fantastic in winter!  The green & leafy mulch is spread on the ornamental garden (and is then usually spread around by the banties)  but, in peak season, we have so much we dump it in, what used to be, the stock yard.  The big chooks get in there and scratch away happily, looking for bugs and worms.  This ‘turns’ the pile for us and in no time at all we have lovely rich dark soil to go back in our raised beds or use for potting up plants.

I wont complain about the sun shining too brightly in my pictures, but it has made them a little overexposed (you can click on them to see larger size) …







Hubby has also made a couple of smaller compost bins from recycled pallets.  These live in the vegetable garden and get some grass clippings, animal manure and anything that cant be eaten by the animals.. like rhubarb leaves and potato tops.


Recycled Timber Compost Bin


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