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Rhubarb Season

My Rhubarb Bed

When I was a teenager, I had a friend who regularly used the expression “I’m not waiting until the rhubarb season”.  My dad never grew rhubarb so I didn’t understand just when this ‘rhubarb season’ was… well.. I can tell you.. it is now!

Yes - That Is Donkey Do You Can See

Having given my rhubarb bed a very generous dressing of sheep & donkey poop a month or so ago (rhubarb likes to be fed) it has grown huge & luxuriant.

"Rhubarb & Berry Jam"

Today I felt a domestic goddess day come over me & decided it was time to use some of that rhubarb.  It coincided with my MIL giving me some frozen berries & so, after an internet search (as I do) I have made Rhubarb Berry Jam.  The recipe came from the Food.Com site & was quick, easy, initial spoon lick tastes great, the colour is a gorgeous purple  & the house smells wonderful.

Last rhubarb season I made Rhubarb Jam with just rhubarb & strawberry jelly but it wasn’t a big hit with the boys.  I’m feeling confident todays jam will go down well. It is not nearly as sweet & I put the fruit through the mouli to remove all signs of lumps & seeds which they complain about.

Definitely going to be Jam on Toast for breakfast tomorrow & then I might try the Ginger Rhubarb Jam recipe I also found.

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