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Lambs Have Arrived

We have been blessed with 7 gorgeous lambs this month.  The little 7 month old Gotland ram we borrowed worked very efficiently.. we have 4 girls & 3 boys.  We did lose 1 baby boy who was a twin born a little too early in the morning for us .. not sure if he was still born or the result an inexperienced mother.
I spent some nights worrying & watching over a couple of mothers who had very long labours but in the end I didnt need to help any out.   We had one mother who rejected her baby at around a week old & refused to feed him but with a bit of encouragement (& force) we got them back together.  She had a lot of milk, I suspect had the beginnings of mastitis, & was finding it painful to feed.  Once she got the milk production under control all was well & now the babies are growing like mushrooms.

Pure Gotlands ~ Mary Ellen & Jim Bob

Pure Gotlands ~ Mum Clover with Mary Ellen

Ester is 5/8 Gotland with Leicester & Merino

Elizabeth is my favourite baby for obvious reasons! She is 3/4 gotland

It was a very anxious time here in early December, worrying what we were going to feed all these new mouths, given the weeks of drought we’d had & that our paddocks were looking very dry & brown.  Then we got 3 days of magic rain.. it really was.. Im sure I could see the grass growing & it is back to a lovely green again.  With more rain forecast within the week.. all is well on the farm!

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