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Well, we are coming to terms with ZhaZha’s loss earlier this week & are now looking forward to choosing a new member of our animal family. I’ve been talking to some lovely local goat breeding folk, learnt a bit more, & there are several girls for us to inspect over the next few days so I’ll post pics when we bring one home.

Today we had the paddocks Limed. The local (& very helpful) horse supply shop suggested it would sweeten our ground after all the manure the animals add & help the grass grow so lets hope the $170 investment was worthwhile.  Really hoping for some rain tomorrow to wash it in.

We also went out to purchase a special new apple tree to plant on ZhaZha & came home with 4! Winter Banana, Hetlina, Dayton & Sir Prize. They are heritage varieties & supposed to be disease resistant.  We’ll whip out & replace the 4 Jazz trees we’d grown as grafts 2 years ago because we discovered they are very prone to black spot.. not good when we prefer to spray as little as possible.

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