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A Sad Day

Well, doesnt look like we are going to be having any beautiful coloured baby goats as I’d hoped. Lulu looked to be in season earlier this week .. she was bleating & rubbing up to Andy, our male donkey, so guess the 6 weeks she had with the buck was unsuccessful AND she’s come into milk! I googled it & seems to be precocious udder, so, we will milk her once a day to relieve the pressure & see what happens.

The really sad part is that, yesterday morning, we discovered our other young goat, ZhaZha, dead in the shed. We are so shocked.. she was happy & playing with our little boys the day before. She looked very healthy & I can find nothing in the paddock that she may have eaten to poison her so a real mystery… & very very sad.  My dad (raised on a dairy farm) says “when you have livestock you get deadstock” but this is absolutely no consolation to me. I would never make a real farmer..  These things hit me so hard, & every time I lose another ‘best friend’ I stop to analyze why we are doing this & consider how easy & stress free life might be on a town section.

~    Zha Zha     22 November 2008 –  6 September 2010 ~

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