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I have just had the first Peacherine of the season.. I have been drooling over this beautiful fruit for weeks & I can say the taste was worth the wait.


Now to work my way through the tree before they drop on the ground & get gobbled up by the chooks. . they love them as much as I do!

Peacherine Tree



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  1. Andrea Davies says:

    Hi I’ve just googled Peacherine Jam and your FB came up. I can’t find a recipe but looks like you have one! Any chance you can share it with me? I absolutely adore peacherines, and I’m about to plant a second tree. I’d love to make some Jam.

    Andrea D

  2. stoney acres says:

    Hi Nisha. It is a hard thing to find & I dont know where you would buy a Peacherine tree in Canterbury. It is the wrong time of year for fruit tree buying, & planting but your local garden centre may be able to get you one in winter.
    A google search found http://www.ediblegarden.co.nz in Palmerston North & Koanga Gardens has them.
    I attempted some grafts in winter but sadly none have taken this season.
    Good luck with your search.. definitely a fruit worth having :)

  3. nisha says:

    Hi there

    Can you please tell me where I could buy a peacherine tree from. After many years of not seeing them here in canterbury, I finally had my first peacherine this week. Have now introduced them to my children who love them so much.

  4. stoney acres says:

    Great to hear from you again Karen. Thank you for the kind comments. Yes, we eat as many fresh peacherines as we can (I’ve had 4 or 5 today) but if we get rain the brown rot hits them quickly so then I make Peacherine Chutney & Jam.

  5. Karen says:

    Hi again – im back! hehehe with a new name but just as enthusiastic! Love your blog and wow how yum peacharines – what do you do with them just eat them? or jam? Will keep in touch – Karen aka ask aunt gladys

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