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Lulu Has Twins

A very excited hubby squealed at me from the paddock early this morning.. Lulu had just given birth to twins.. a boy & a girl.  I think I will name them LindyLu & Luwis (coz I have this thing of naming babies after their parents so I can remember their lineage later).  Anyway, they are just adorable (of course) …

Newborns with Mum

Lindy Lu - 4 hrs old

Luwis - 4 hrs old

Lulu is very generous.. allowing us all to have lots of cuddles of her soft wee babies. They both have toggles like mum. Sadly tho, Luwis will be needing a new home soon.. no room for boy goats even if they are too sweet.  Anybody out there want a baby to love??

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  1. […] Little Luwis seems to be ‘becoming a man’. I noticed he is doing the charming boy goat thing of weeing on himself.. for some reason beyond me, girl goats like that stuff.. or at least the boys think they do!  I’m still wondering if he’s actually going to manage Jane. As you can see, she is twice his size at present. (See Luwis as a baby here). […]

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