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Just thought I’d share a few pictures I’ve been taking today…  

I showed you Lulu & her man visitor back in August.  I am delighted to say we are fairly convinced that she is not just fat this year & that we are expecting kids in January.  I couldn’t actually capture her size in the pictures but she is quite big for a first time mum with 6 weeks still to go.  Her udder is really expanding too.. poor thing is obviously feeling quite uncomfortable.

Lulu.. lady in waiting

And here are some more adorable chickies.  I dont think there is anything cuter than a baby Pekin.  This breed has so much personality which adds to their appeal.

Pekin Bantam Chicks

They actually have a couple of Orpington sisters/brothers which are huge beside them.  Can you believe those little blue chicks actually come from this mum…

Pekin Hen ~ Pickle

Will be interesting to see how they change as they grow. Pickle lays her eggs in this old metal bucket in the garden. I have lots & lots of Pekin eggs at the moment. Please contact me if you’d like to buy some to hatch your own little chicks.

Yesterday I gave in to our determined Silver Laced Wyandotte & let her have a few Orpington eggs to sit on.

Broody Silver Laced Wyandotte

I was told recently that if you spread native leaves in the nests the bugs dont like it, so hubby has shredded some punga for this girl. All my broodies also get a couple of drops of Ivomec on their skin to ensure the mites won’t suck them while they sit.


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