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In August I showed you the garden cloche hubby made for our raised vegetable garden. He’s been working in the shed again, on rainy days, making me some mini cloches.  As always, cleverly constructed from recycled timber (kwilla from a discarded pallet).

Last year I had quite a battle trying to get my dahlias growing, due to my darling chooks taking a liking to the young foliage emerging.  This is our answer:

Mini Cloche in natural timber

Hubby says it could be cheaper in the long run to sell the troublesome chooks.. but he didn’t really expect I’d go for that idea ;)

I got the cloche idea from a NZ Gardener magazine.. they called it a Strawberry house but I instantly thought of many other uses for it.  You can find the plan on Jane Wrigglesworth Flaming Petals blog. ( Her blog is well worth a look by the way if you love flowers.  Lots of eye candy & great ideas).  Hubby has modified their plan to make a stronger version.  I’m sure I could encourage him to make a few to sell if you are local and cant find the time or manage the task yourself.

Mini Cloche with Tulip Peach Melba

I have managed to chop the cloche top off in this picture but it does have a fancy finial as per the original plan.  I won the Peach Melba Tulip bulbs from Jane’s Flaming Petal blog… they were sent to me courtesy of Garden Post.  Such a pretty colour.  In the foreground is a plain green tulip (whose correct name has escaped me for now) .. not quite as delightful as I was hoping.  Looked better on the packet picture!



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