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Lulu Had a Visitor

I forgot to tell you… back in August… our 3 year old goat, Lulu, was getting VERY vocal about wanting a romantic liason so a kind friend offered the loan of her Saanen buck.  We just had him here for 3 days as it was love at first sight for Lenny & Lulu.  Jane, our 2 year old, was not impressed with his arrival & she had a few head to heads with Lenny.. as you can see in the photo.  On his last day here, however, she decided he wasnt so bad after all, so, maybe, we will have some baby goats in late January.  Lulu has been quiet since his visit which is a good sign.  Her udder is filling, as it did at this time last year, but we are just milking her once a week to keep her comfortable & I have frozen the colostrum in case it is needed.  I’m told it will keep for a year in the freezer.

Lenny & Lulu .. love at 1st sight


Lenny & Jane ~ head to head

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