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One of hubbys sweet lady customers runs the local Horticultural Show & has been asking us for 2 years to enter.  Well, I’m biting the bullet & entering this month. She kindly showed me around her large show garden yesterday & gave me tips on how to prepare the dahlias. I’ve been round mine & pinched out all the side shoots. Hated doing it.. I like many flowers rather than one big one.. but lets hope it means I get something worthy of exhibiting next week.

Here’s some of my potential exhibition flowers …

Dahlia 'Pooh'

A dreadful name for a gorgeous flower!

Hopefully we’ll have some veges & fruit to exhibit too.  We picked the first corn cobs yesterday. Then I forgot to cook them ;)  Must plant some more to come on later..  I planned to plant 6 every 2 weeks but lost it after 3 sowings.

I came home with some heritage dwarf beans & seeds from our lovely lady yesterday too. She’s been growing the same ones for 50 years & saves her seed. They really were great tasting beans so must go out & sow a row this afternoon.

Here’s how our vege garden is looking this week …

Rhubarb, Bean, Outdoor Tomatoes, Corn, Potatoes

Corn & Kumera

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    Finally a bit of information I’m able to make use of! Kudos!

  3. Cheryl says:

    Wow everything is looking fantastic!

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