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No Baby Goats :(

Well, it seems that Lulu is not going to produce any babies for us after her 6 week visit with the buck last year.    She is giving us 3 litres of milk a day, bless her, in spite of never giving birth (its called a maiden milker).  Im quite disappointed tho .. aside from the $60 the buck cost us to borrow… Lulu is such a sweet natured girl & I really would have loved a coloured baby.

You will see in previous posts that we lost our lovely  Zha Zha, soon after mating.  We replaced her with Jane.. I not sure why!


Jane has personality for sure & is probably just a spirited young thing, but her antics are slightly annoying.. the way she  leaps up at the fence & insists on squeezing into the small chook house to eat their mulch & food.  Her best feature, & the reason I bought her, is that she is naturally polled (that is, does not have horns).  She is Nubian Saanen the same as Zha Zha was.. & she has the same ‘semi-floppy’ ears.

Our old girl, Rosie, is still giving us a litre of milk a day.. its now 14 months since she gave birth.  Her milk production dropped so low that we nearly dried her off but, when the mating season was over, production suddenly went up again.

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