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Well, I have to add a note about the Crab Apple Jelly post.. it needs to be kept in the fridge once opened as we found it grew fur very quickly in the pantry. The jelly was wonderful on pumpkin scones.. thought my boys were going to burst they ate so many!  Hmm.. should probably post […]

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Rain! :D

Rain wonderful rain today. Thank goodness. I think I can see the grass growing already. This has definitely been the driest summer in the 8 years we’ve been here.. never had to feed out so much before. The animals look better for a wash too.. with the exception of the white silkies which insist on […]

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Welcome to my blog My intention here is to show how we attempt to make the best use of our 3 acre  (1 hectare)  lifestyle block. We try to live a frugal but ‘good’ life with our 2 children. We live in a 50’s house & admire the ways & treasures of those times. We […]

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