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Welcome to my blog

My intention here is to show how we attempt to make the best use of our 3 acre  (1 hectare)  lifestyle block. We try to live a frugal but ‘good’ life with our 2 children. We live in a 50’s house & admire the ways & treasures of those times. We recycle a lot, grow our own vegetables & fruit, eat the occasional animal & try to instill old fashion ideals in our boys. Hopefully we will inspire someone else in the same situation. We would certainly love to help you if you are just starting out with animals or vegetable growing – we are very grateful to the people who have helped us learn along the way.

Hubby & I shared a dream of having our own piece of paradise & so, in 2002, we bought our property in Wakefield, Nelson. It was basically a bare paddock with a relocated house. We were new to lifestyle living & knew very little about farm animals but had a few clues about growing things as hubby was orchard trained, has a certificate in horticulture & ran his own garden maintenance business. I’d been raised a townie but was a keen gardener. Dad taught me to grow veges when I was a girl & I had planted cottage gardens at several of my previous urban properties.

Our initial plan for the land was to grow trees, vegetables or flowers to sell but we didnt figure in the cost & difficulty of getting enough water or how my passion for animals would develop!

Today we have a donkey, a miniature horse, 5 sheep, 3 goats, 2 dogs, a cat & more chooks than I can count. My grandfather was a poultry farmer & once I got my first hens I became addicted. I think it was in my genes. After trying lots of breeds I’ve settled on my favourites .. Pekin bantams, Silkies & Orpingtons. I also have some Silver Laced Wyandottes & Barred Rocks.

Please come back regularly to see what’s happening at our place.

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  1. Alison says:

    Hi Jeanette,

    Lovely looking blog, I will enjoy reading more of your posts. Also I have discovered where to find the visit counter!!! Check out your admin page, bottom right-hand side, click on Statpress.

    Take care, Alison

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