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Plum Muffins

I just have to share this recipe with you.  Its from the from the NZ Womans Weekly site.

I saw our plums were all dropping & thought, what can I make?  

Cross Pollinated 'Coes Golden Drop" & rootstock Plums (on same tree)

Did a quick google search (my recipe books are getting lonely)  & this recipe attracted me with a small amount of butter & the yoghurt which I know gives muffins great texture … mmm.. soooo good.

Plum & Coconut Muffins

I would have to recommend you cut the plum pieces much smaller than I did. I used the very abundant dark rootstock plums & they were quite tarty.. I liked the sweet & sour effect buy my little boys did not.  

Tomorrow I think I will try this same recipe with some diced Peacherine instead of plum .. oh.. I am salivating at the thought.



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