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New Additions

I have a lot to blog about, with all the Spring happenings here, but time keeps getting away on me.  Today, however, I have special news which I just have to share.  

This morning we rescued another lamb from hubbies workplace and, I’m delighted to say, so far all is well.  Hubby spotted her newly born this morning and noticed the mother had not licked her and was generally disinterested.  After 2 hours we made the decision to bring her home.  She had been slow to get on her feet and I was concerned there could be problems but, after a little goat colostrum and Ketol, she was soon up and almost running.

This time it is our younger dog that has taken on the mothering role.. and a very proud and protective mum she is.

Lambie wandered over to the fence to meet our donkey & miniature horse. They are such nosy animals.

There have been more chicks hatch here too.  Some Pekin bantams:

And Brandy, my lovely bearded Silkie, has some Silkie babies and a couple of Wyandottes.

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