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My niece has had a baby girl & babies always bring out my knitting needles. I’m not really a knitter but it gives me a great deal of satisfaction to whip up something small.

After hours of internet scouring I settled on the pattern at http://larissmix.typepad.com/stitch_marker/2005/09/a_little_hat.html as it combined my urge to knit with my new passion of making crochet flowers (which I taught myself watching utube).

The first hat, knitted in mohair, & then felted didnt look like it would actually stay on a babies head so this is Mk2. Im pleased with it.. hope my niece is too.

4 Responses to “Adorable Knitted Baby Hat”

  1. Maria Leaver says:

    I would love a copy of this hat pattern

  2. stoney acres says:

    The link to the pattern on the web is above Polly :)

  3. Jeanette says:

    The link to the pattern (on the web) is in the post Polly… http://larissmix.typepad.com/stitch_marker/2005/09/a_little_hat.html

  4. Polly says:

    could you send me the pattern. I would like to knit for my first grandbaby.

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